Pakistan sets new record for most corona vaccines in a single day


A total of more than 383,000 people have been
vaccinated, the number of registrants is steadily increasing and so far 11.663
million people have been registered. Tweet of NCOC chief Asad Omar.

Pakistan has set a
new record for most vaccinations in a single day. According to the details,
Federal Minister for Assignment and Head of NCOC Asad Umar said that a total of
more than 383,000 vaccinations were carried out and a new record of vaccination
was set in one day. 

In a statement released on the social networking site
Twitter, he said that so far a total of more than 7 million people have been
vaccinated in Pakistan and the number of registrants has been steadily
increasing. Where so far 11.663 million people have been registered.

On the other hand,
the World Health Organization has warned that 70 percent of the world’s
population will not be vaccinated against coronavirus. It is unacceptable for
some countries to start vaccinating young people and the rest of the region for
medical staff and the elderly. 

Hans Cluj, WHO’s director for Europe, says
people should not be vaccinated.

is a need to increase the corona vaccine rate worldwide at this time because the epidemic will end when 70 percent of the population is vaccinated, while
only 26 percent of the world’s population has received the first dose of the
corona vaccine, compared to 36.6 percent of the population in Europe. And 16.9
percent have had a second dose.

He said the World
Health Organization is most concerned about new strains of the corona, such as the
Indian type B1617, which spreads more than the second strain B117, which is the
British strain, and so far the Indian strain of corona. 

It has spread to 53
countries, but the number of new cases and deaths worldwide has dropped over
the past five weeks. Although corona vaccines have been shown to be effective
against new types, people still need to be careful.

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