Soak this lentil for 12 hours and eat it, otherwise.6 foods that can do more harm than good


When it comes to
food, we think green vegetables or brown bread are among the healthiest foods.

People often add these things to their diet while losing

But there are also foods that do more harm than good. Let
us tell you about the foods that can harm you.

1. Vinegar

Vinegar is believed to help with weight loss. That’s why
people who want to lose weight add vinegar to their daily diet. 

But you should
know that vinegar also contains acid which can damage your stomach. it can
also affect the throat and affect the bones. Therefore, overuse of it can lead
to more harm than good.

2. Instant porridge

The instant porridge available in the market has almost no
fiber content and flour and sugar are added to enhance the taste. 

oatmeal into your daily diet can increase your blood glucose levels, which can cause a number of health risks. 

It is better to use ordinary porridge instead of
instant porridge.

3. Vegetable burgers

When people look at vegetables in fast food, they think
that they will be better for their health than normal fast food, but very few
people know that they also contain a huge amount of butter and salt. So if you
want to eat vegetables, try to cook them at home.

4. Brown bread

Brown bread is relatively better than white double bread.
But it also contains a lot of salt and often white flour in brown bread. So if
you want to eat brown bread, try baking it at home.

5. Red beans and soybeans

Beans are considered very good for
health, but there are some pulses and vegetables that are dangerous to health
if not washed or cooked properly. Red beans and soybeans are similar foods. 

beans are rich in vitamins and minerals but contain a type of fat that can
cause abdominal pain or vomiting.

To avoid this problem, it is better to wash
and cook it.

Soybeans are also rich in antioxidants, but they also contain a
natural toxin that makes them difficult to digest. 

Soybeans and red beans should
be soaked in water for at least twelve hours before cooking, washed, dried, and
cooked thoroughly.

6. Nutmeg

Nutmeg, if eaten in large quantities, can have serious side
effects such as nausea, pain, shortness of breath, and even seizures. Nutmeg
can also affect the human mind.

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