Which refrigerator saves electricity, what to know before buying a good refrigerator


As summer approaches,
homes begin preparing to repair or purchase refrigerators. From cooling the
water to storing the meat for days, it is used in the fridge or refrigerator.

These items cannot be bought over and over again due to
their high cost and if one makes a mistake in making the right choice, one may
have to suffer from the wrong refrigerator for many years and often even
decades. That’s why we are here for you with complete information on all types
of refrigerators so that they can guide you completely before buying a


Always choose the size of the refrigerator based on the
number of people in your home. A mini-refrigerator will suffice for one or two
people or just to meet the needs of the room. However, if there are more people
and you need a refrigerator for the whole house, it is better to choose a
larger size.

The place

It is very important to decide where you want to place the
refrigerator because the refrigerator should be kept in a place where its doors
can be easily opened and there is room for at least one person to stand. 
small space should also be left behind the refrigerator.

Keeping it close to
the wall does not release the heat from the compressor and may damage it. 

you are buying a refrigerator for the upper floor of a flat or house, it is
also important to keep in mind whether there is room to take the refrigerator
up the stairs.

Direct Cooling or Defrosting Refrigerator

Direct refrigerators are relatively inexpensive and operate
on low power, but their biggest drawback is that they do not distribute air
evenly, resulting in frozen ice in the corners. 

Due to which the refrigerator
has to be cleaned regularly, otherwise, things start freezing due to the constant
freezing of ice.

Defrost, on the other hand, does not freeze in the

They have the same air circulation but defrost refrigerators
are more expensive and use more electricity. 

But in Pakistan, where frequent
power outages are a common problem, frosting refrigerators are more successful
because they freeze ice, which protects stored items for a long time in the
event of a power outage.

Types of refrigerators

By the way, many types of refrigerators have come into the
market now but only four types of refrigerators are commonly used in Pakistan,
the features of which we are presenting to you in detail. 

However, when buying
a refrigerator, keep in mind that every time the refrigerator is opened, it
needs time and electricity to cool down again. 

So if you need to take most of
the vegetables out of the refrigerator during the day, it would be better to
choose a refrigerator that has a separate vegetable cooling box so that there
is no more electricity to cool the whole refrigerator again.

One door refrigerator

This refrigerator has a door. It has a large refrigerator
with a small freezer at the top. This refrigerator does not take much power to
operate. But if something has to be taken out of the refrigerator, the whole
refrigerator reopens, which takes a lot of time and electricity to cool the refrigerator

Two-door refrigerator

This is a common refrigerator found in homes with one door
on top of the other. The bottom part is used for everyday use and the top part
is a freezer. These refrigerators also have hard glass shelves.

Three-door refrigerator

With three cabinets on top of each other, this refrigerator
is a little thin and long. 

The upper part is used for the freezer, the middle part
is for cooling food, water bottles, while the third and the lower part is called
crisper which is used to keep vegetables cool. 

This refrigerator is perfect for
homes where a variety of items have to be removed from the refrigerator over
and over again because it has ice and vegetable parts separately.

Refrigerator with side-by-side door

These are the latest refrigerators and are equipped with
many new features. 

Due to their large size, they also have more capacity. There
is also a water cooling dispenser in front of them.

Side-by-side refrigerators,
if they have inverters, consume less electricity than ordinary refrigerators.

Mini fridge

These smallest refrigerators are enough for one or two
people to use. They often have a small freezer at the top.

What are energy-saving refrigerators?

You can estimate energy savings from the EER (Energy
Efficiency Rating Star). 

If one star is tagged by EER, it means that your
refrigerator will save very little electricity. 

Similarly, if it is tagged as 5
stars, it means that your refrigerator will save maximum electricity. Rely only
on blue and green tags to determine the authenticity of the tag.

Which compressor will save electricity?

A compressor is a machine that maintains the temperature
inside the refrigerator. There are two types of compressors

(i) Ordinary compressor

These compressors start moving fast and keep moving at the
same speed. 

They only stop running when the refrigerator gets too cold inside.
You’ve often heard the “tick” sound from your refrigerator, which is
actually the sound of the compressor shutting down.

(ii) Inverter compressor

Inverter compressors work as needed. They start moving at a
light speed and move at the speed they need. 

So they use less electricity.
Inverter compressors are used in large and modern refrigerators.

Additional features

Here we will tell you about the latest features and new
terms so that you do not have to worry about buying a refrigerator.

Water Dispenser: 

Modern refrigerators have the facility to
draw cold water directly outside the door. For this reason, there is no need to
open the refrigerator repeatedly.

Glass shelves: 

If you have to use a refrigerator for a longer period of time, choose a refrigerator that has glass shelves instead of
plastic because they can carry more weight and are more durable.

Freezer Replacement Facility: 

Modern brands are developing
refrigerators with technology that allows you to turn specific parts into a
freezer or refrigerator whenever you want.

Shelf capacity: 

When building a new refrigerator, care is
being taken to easily remove the shelf when needed to accommodate a large
object (such as a cake) in the refrigerator.

Coal Pack: 

This is a feature in which the refrigerator can
keep things cool for up to twelve hours even after a power outage. Such
refrigerators are very suitable for places where the electricity goes high.

Voltage Stabilizer: 

Frequent power outages in Pakistan and
high and low voltage damage home appliances. That’s why a refrigerator with a
built-in stabilizer is best because it protects your refrigerator from damage
caused by voltage fluctuations.


In this feature, the filters inside the
refrigerator remove the odor inside the refrigerator.

Smart refrigerator

You may have used a smartphone but very few people are
familiar with the term smart fridge. 

It is also possible to view photos and
videos with the calendar and time in these refrigerators. 

Smart refrigerators
have not been seen in Pakistan yet but they have been launched in the
surrounding countries at a cost of Rs 200,000 and above.

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