Chronic Epidemic Impact on Education and Students


Of course, the coronavirus has changed the world. Its effects can be felt in almost all areas. It
has also had an effect on the education sector.

Instead of sitting in the classroom and listening to the
teacher’s lecture, answering questions directly, the students had to study

Despite the passage of so many months, the educational activities have
not been fully restored. 

Although partially, online education continues. 

In the
meantime, countries around the world have been constantly reviewing the impact
of Corona on education and students in particular. 

Countries such as the United
States and the United Kingdom have also compiled various reviews and research

A study conducted in the United States concluded that online education
is beneficial only if students have permanent access to computers and the

U.S. researchers concluded that American students living in remote
areas could not benefit from online education due to the unavailability of the

The research also focused on teacher training. It was said that for
effective education, it is necessary that teachers be given regular training in
online teaching.

American research also shows that reducing the duration of
semesters or lectures due to corona also affects students’ learning. 

It was
suggested that if the situation returned to normal after Corona, additional
make-up classes should be arranged to make up for the shortfall. 

In light of
this research, it is suggested that more funds be allocated for education.
Efforts should be made to eliminate the digital divide, etc.

British academics and researchers are also keeping a close
eye on the issue. 

After reviewing the situation, one conclusion is that the trend
of plagiarism has increased rapidly in the UK due to online education and
exams. University students who are online. 

Campuses worked hard because of
education and exams, they are looking for new ways to copy.

It has been found
that most of the students, instead of making their own assignments, buy
fabricated assignments and submit them to the teachers. 

The business of
websites and companies is very bright. 

That is why there is a growing demand in
the UK that article writing factories (ie websites and companies) be outlawed
and banned in order to maintain the credibility and credibility of

Now let’s take a look at the situation in Pakistan. 

review or research was needed here. Although we did not sit idly by after this

Schools, colleges, and universities continued to thrive on their own,
as did third-party online education.

Meetings were also held from time to time
at the government level and various instructions were issued.

All these efforts
resulted in the continuation of education in one way or another. And did not
stop completely.

But the truth is that in Pakistan we have not been able to
take concrete steps regarding education. 

This has been happening with education
for years. 

To say the least, every government makes education its priority. But
in practice, the sector is at the bottom of the list of priorities. 

The easiest
way to measure government priorities is to review the budget and funds
allocated for education. 

Unfortunately, instead of increasing the education
budget, it has decreased in recent years. As a result, well-known government
agencies are on the verge of bankruptcy. 

We have examples of the University
of Peshawar and the Engineering University of Lahore.

However, some special measures had to be taken during the

We have started online education but we have not even felt the need to
review the required facilities. The Internet situation should have been
reviewed first. 

It is seen how strong and powerful the signal the internet is
available. In which areas of the country this facility is not available. 

However, the process of online education began without any review or planning.
In most remote areas, the Internet is either not available at all or the signals
are very weak. 

Due to this situation, students have not been able to get proper
online education (and are still not doing so).

Students from backward areas of
Balochistan and FATA, in particular, have been badly affected. 

A strategy would
be formulated by reviewing the situation at the highest level. Efforts are
being made to improve the internet and other facilities. 

Unfortunately, after
so many months, the situation is as it is.

With the introduction of online education, there was a
demand for the introduction of internet packages for students at discounted

This demand was not taken seriously. The experience of teaching online
was also new for teachers.

A few educational institutions arranged the training
on their own. But most of the teachers in the educational institutions taught
experimentally and continued to learn something. 

It would be great if
educational institutions could devise a system to get feedback from students. 

So that it can be pointed out what kind of complaints are being made to the

The truth is that the majority of serious students are not satisfied
with the situation of online education.

One reason for dissatisfaction is
teacher performance. It is arranged by private institutions. But there is no
teacher supervision system in government educational institutions. 

students complain that many teachers do not give regular lectures. 

Even if they
take classes, they give short leave to the students. But no one asks.

Even a country like the UK has come to the conclusion that
the trend of plagiarism has increased due to online education. This situation
already existed in Pakistan. 

Ready-made articles up to M.Phil and Ph.D. are
sold here. Guess what will happen in Corona. 

There is no news about the
condition of government schools in this whole story. Most of our government
schools do not even have basic facilities like four walls, latrines, and clean
drinking water. 

Not to mention online education. The government had launched PTV’s educational channel. 

That experiment also
failed. I don’t know what has been happening to the students of government
schools for so many months.

There is a need to review this whole situation. Efforts should
be made to rectify the situation. It is the job of governments to improve the
Internet and other administrative structures. 

But ensuring regularity in
teachers’ lectures and class duration is certainly in the hands of educational
institutions. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the
post. When these students go out to get jobs, they don’t know what will happen
to them.

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