Fafen also expressed concerns about the electronic voting machine


Electoral reforms in 2017 were carried out by consensus
after consultation, the government should continue this tradition, Fafan.

Electoral reforms in 2017 were carried out by consensus
after consultation. The government should continue this tradition. Fafan also
expressed reservations about the electronic voting machine. Work (FAFN) has
also pointed out legal flaws in the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) Bill.

Fafen additionally communicated worry over the intricate
circumstance between the public authority and the resistance and said in an
explanation that appointive changes in 2017 were completed by agreement after
discussion. Keep up with the custom of doing. 

As per Fafan, the public
authority and ideological groups ought not to put the obligation of political
dynamic on the Election Commission. In the event that the Election Act is
corrected without a political agreement, questions will emerge regarding the
authenticity of the following races.

It may be recalled that the Election Commission has
expressed its concerns over the electronic voting machine while the opposition
parties have rejected the electronic voting machines as a plan to steal votes.
It may be recalled that Babar Awan, Advisor to the Prime Minister on
Parliamentary Affairs, termed the statement of the Election Commission
regarding EVM as ridiculous and clarified that the government would use
internet voting and EVM in any case.

According to private TV, while talking to media in
Islamabad, Babar Awan said, “I want to dispel the misconception that the
government will back down from EVM, internet voting and the government will not
back down from EVM in any case, on internet voting.” The decision of the
Supreme Court is very clear. Babar Awan said that not giving abroad Pakistanis
the option to cast a ballot is a disdain of court, the Election Commission is
the protected controller for holding decisions, as indicated by which the
Election Commission will undoubtedly hold races as per the law.

Babar Awan said that the work of the Election Commission is
to make a law and it isn’t its ward. In the event that it turns into a law, the
situation of the Election Commission will be lost.  

public authority paid attention to every one of the gatherings remembering the
Election Commission for this issue for quite a long time. Any mythical person
will be placed in the EVM. Such articulations are silly.”

“There is a lot of black in the opposition’s pulse. I
welcome them to acknowledge EVMs transparently in light of the fact that this
framework isn’t to be purchased by the public authority set by the Election
Commission,” he said. It should be noted that the Election Commission of
Pakistan (ECP) had yesterday rejected the use of electronic voting machines.

The Election Commission had raised 37 objections in the
Senate Parliamentary Committee on the use of electronic voting machines in
elections. The ECP presented a nitty gritty report on the issues with the EVM
to the Senate Standing Committee. According to the constitution, free,
transparent, and credible elections cannot be held through the voting machine.

The ECP said that the electronic voting machine cannot stop
rigging, it can be hacked, the machine can be easily tampered with, its software
can be easily changed. The Election Commission said that this machine is not election fraud. It can prevent, abuse of state power, it can prevent ballot
stuffing, buying, and selling of votes.

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