The growing influence of social media on young people


There is an element of good and evil hidden in everything
in the world. Now it depends on our ability which aspect we take.

If something is used for the right and legitimate purposes
that benefit the world of humanity, then obviously its bounties and fruits will
be very beneficial. Although I’ve written a lot on social media before. 

media is an invention that has both advantages and disadvantages, it is a
double-edged sword. In fact, its disadvantages outweigh its benefits, be it
religious, physical, or social. Now it’s up to the users how they benefit from
it. However, circumstances and events show that even those who use social media
legally cannot protect themselves from illegal things. 

Women are more sensitive
than men and are more naive, emotional, and quick-witted than men, and are said
to be less intelligent and less intelligent, so they are more likely to be
affected. And as a result, they are quietly exploited. Free platforms such as
modern network technology and social media are readily available. Nowadays,
social media has become an addiction, in which everyone from children to the
elderly and women is caught. 

According to experts, the definition of addiction
is any action that has a negative effect on your life and you are unable to
give up the habit despite knowing it. Addiction is the constant communication
of online access through social networking pages and screen time of modern
devices and not being able to live without all these means. Research has shown
that the use of all social media has become an addiction for a large number of
people who use it, whether they are men or women.

A fatwa was issued stating
that “online chatting between non-mahram men and women is against
Islam.” Online chat rooms are a source of evil and open the door to the
devil, the cause of misguidance and sedition, and it paves the way for immoral
behavior. ”

Not necessary, However, using it for wrong and illegitimate
purposes is unlawful and sinful. Also, since it is dominated by illicit
affairs, it is better to avoid its use unnecessarily and for women to use
social media within limits. 

Because women are mostly simple-minded and quick to
seduce people, women should not use social media unnecessarily just for fun and
entertainment. Can do But it is important to avoid illegal and obscene acts.
While social media is useful in itself, it is also extremely harmful and

Doing things outside of social media that are haraam and unlawful
for men and women in life is also haraam and unlawful on social media and
things that are permissible. It also becomes legitimate on social media.
Because it is very difficult to avoid this wave of social media nowadays. 

protect yourself from this temptation in such situations and if necessary, try
to avoid the negative use of social media, guide it to its positive use and use
it to carry out corrective actions.

Because there is a great need for reform
efforts in the present era. Forming a group of some kind for women can be a
prelude to many evils, so it should be avoided. 

While social media has made men
addicted to it, women are also taking full advantage of it. There was a time
when only men used to use the internet more, but today it is the case that
women are also in the race. 

Have been added. In the present era, it is also
seen that women are spending 68% of their time on social media. In men, the
proportion is 32%. The purpose of social media is to spread the epidemic of the
entire antichrist system and in this day and age, everyone is falling prey to

Which has created distances between the spouses and due to
which the families of the families are being destroyed and the domestic system
is being badly affected. 

Showing love, fleeing with them, ruining one’s life
and falling prey to sedition and apostasy, the tool behind all these seditions
is also social media. 

A recent study has revealed shocking accounts of the
growing online violence against girls and women in more than 20 countries
around the world, including explicit reporting, pornography, cyber harassment, and other forms of Internet misuse. ۔
Women often face gossip, vulgar words, and trolling on social media from time to

The victim remains and this loneliness is felt more intensely by women
than by men. Surveys show that the proportion of friendships and sexual
violence through Facebook is 39% worldwide, Instagram 23%, WhatsApp 14%, other
tools like human communication have become extraordinary things, use them for
positive purposes. 

It can be done but at the same time, they are the real source
of serious dangers which later lead to other dangerous diseases. 

According to a
survey, 34% of women are being harassed by men online. According to a report by
Women’s Web Studies, out of a total of 150 million users of social media
through the Internet, 60 million are women. When a girl posts her thoughts,
thoughts, or pictures on Facebook, Instagram, or social media, her thoughts are
criticized so much that she suffers from depression and sometimes commits an
unforgivable sin like suicide.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of parents to give their children enough
time so that they do not waste their precious lives in the name of social

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