Let the media breathe fearlessly

              The media and the governments are important parts of the state. But an interesting fact is that every government looks disgusted with the media and the media of every era also complains about the government’s attitude.  They manage to get their message across to the people, but when … Read more

What are the bad habits of Pakistanis

         The majority of young people in Pakistan want to move abroad. We will discuss some bad habits. If you ask the reason, the answer is that there is no discipline, there is garbage on the streets, and there is a lack of education and awareness among the people. People who complain … Read more

Cherries The most powerful food supplement

                      The healthy benefit of wild cherries or wild berries with their short reflexive surface with lovely roundness is limitless. Cherries are wealthy in supplements, for example, dietary fiber, fixings, potassium, calcium, nutrient A nutrient C and folic corrosive, and in light of their cancer prevention … Read more

Success Story Of Jeff Bezos

                    The mother was only seventeen years old and she or he was also studying. She was just born due to college squabbles and Jahbijoj, who was still eighteen months old and had a partner with Joss, ran away leaving her for four years. His mother … Read more

Beetroot keep the liver strong

                    Beetroot is mainly a vegetable of Europe, the Mediterranean, and West Asia but it is also cultivated all over the world and is also eaten here with gusto. There are many varieties of this vegetable including green, red, purple-red, etc.  By the way, beetroot is … Read more