Aspects of digital content, creation and production

Digital learning materials (e-learning materials) are formed from a variety of resources such as lecture notes, presentations, videos, quizzes, and demonstrations. Lecture notes Lecture notes refer to the points presented by the teacher during the teaching and learning which are prepared and prepared before the teaching and also sent to the students in the form … Read more

The word Technology is a broader term

                  The word Technology is a broader term and covering all dimensions of the advancement from the Stone Age to the modern era. This contemporary global the village now has a vast variety of technologies it has become so much involved in our daily lives. From seeking … Read more

Corona sufferers using mobile phones

  New sorts of coronavirus, what are the facts? Since December last year, many new strains of coronavirus have emerged, which are far more contagious than the coronavirus found within the Chinese city of Wuhan. Consistent with doctors, changes within the genes of the virus cause mutations or new variants. “Geographic distance creates new genetic … Read more